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Couple Of The Year

Couple of the Year

Congratulate Our Couple Of The Year When You See Them Next!

What a surprise and an honor to be selected as the 2016 Chapter Couple of the Year for Chapter TN-Y. We are learning more about GWRRA and Chapter TN-Y every day and would like to share a little about ourselves with you.

Sandy: I was born in Florence, Alabama, but moved to Paris, Tennessee when I was 6 months old. I was born into a large family of 8 children, so I understand about sharing and ‘getting along’. I met Larry when I was 15 years old and knew he was the one, when I told my two friends sitting next to me in church, “he is mine!” We married when I was 17 and will be married for 42 years this June. We moved to Murfreesboro in 1986 when Larry was hired at Nissan in the Maintenance Department. We have two children and 6 grandchildren, whom we don’t get to see as often as we would like! I was a stay-at-home mom until the kids were on their own and then worked as a medical transcriptionist for 17 years and am presently a medical receptionist. We are members of New Vision Baptist Church.

Larry: I was born in Finley, Tennessee, also to a family of 8 children. I was an Air Force Brat and moved from state to state, sometimes being in 2-3 different schools during a single school year. I guess that is why my nickname is Larry ‘Go’ Gene. I got my first bike when I was 19. It was a Honda CL350. Since then I have owned two other Honda 350’s, a Honda 500, a Honda 750, and two Goldwings. I have always enjoyed riding and would ride whenever I could. One Sunday afternoon I rode my motorcycle to Sandy’s house (we had only seen each other a couple of times) and when leaving I promised to meet her at church that night; however, I did not show up as I was in the ER having ‘my head sewed back on’ after wiping out on a corner and hitting a barbed wire fence. But after 42 years of marriage, I think she has finally forgiven me. I have worked as a maintenance technician for most of my adult life. For 12 years in Paris, Tennessee, at Emerson Electric and then retiring from Nissan after 27 years in the maintenance department. I bought my 2010 Goldwing after retiring and was ‘retired’ for 2 years and now am working part time at Nissan and running a small lawn care business with an employee of one.

Sandy: We knew nothing of GWRRA or Chapter Y until one day we stopped at Hardees. There Larry saw a Goldwing motorcycle in the parking lot and immediately looked for the rider. He was introduced to some of the members of Chapter Y and was asked to join them on a Retread Ride. The rest is history. He had found his gang!

Larry: We pulled up to Hardees and I saw a Goldwing and when I went inside I found the rider and we began to talk about our bikes. I was asked if I wanted to go on a ride with ‘The Retreads’ so I went home and got my bike and joined them. I learned about GWRRA and Chapter TN-Y that day and then got schooled more at Dairy Queen. I guess I saw right off that GWRRA was an organization I wanted to be a part of. Being newly retired, I was looking forward to riding with Chapter TN-Y and seeing what this was all about. I learned it was about a good group of people that I could be friends with who ride safe and have fun. I was all in.

We have been members of GWRRA and Chapter TN-Y since April of 2011. We became MEC’s in May of 2015. We enjoy having FUN with Chapter TN-Y and meeting friends from other chapters. We are learning a lot about each other on this journey we call life and we are glad to have our friends from Chapter TN-Y and GWRRA to share it with us. Thank you again for the honor of being Chapter TN-Y’s Couple of the Year for 2016!

Larry and Sandy Tipton
2016 Couple Of The Year

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